Riders in Arlington

Supporting Your Ride

Participating athletes and caregivers actively support Face of America through personal fundraising efforts with family, friends and colleagues, and through team fundraising events. These funds collectively cover all event costs, including participant jerseys and t-shirts, meals, ride permits, and more. Fundraising also provides lodging for our participating adaptive athletes and transportation costs to and from Arlington for our first-year adaptive athletes from outside the Washington, D.C. region.

Raise Funds with Confidence

  • Personalize your fundraising page. All participants are encouraged to update their Face of America fundraising page with personal content. Move in – get to know your new site. Post your favorite photograph, link to videos and update your promotional text so the page will be your own. Be sure to include in your page your personal reasons for participating and what you hope to accomplish. Emotionally connecting with your potential donors will encourage them to feel a need to make a donation supporting your participation. Your User Center also is functional, allowing you to send email messages to uploaded personal contacts with a direct link to your page for potential donations.
  • Get social. The best way to engage with your network is by using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media to post personal appeals to friends, family and colleagues. You can use the forms, art and materials available for free download from our Fundraising Toolbox. If you use Facebook for your fundraising, be careful not to use the provided Facebook donation button. Donations submitted through this service from Facebook’s Network for Good are not directly applied to your fundraising account. Instead, they arrive six weeks later as anonymous donations with no indication as to whom the donation(s) should be applied. (If you use the service, you must email World T.E.A.M. with a listing of your donations, including the donor names and addresses, and the amounts to allow us to match the donations to your account.) A better option is to copy your personal donation page web address and add it to your Facebook post.
  • Take advantage of corporate matching gifts. If you are an employee of a larger company, check with your human resources office to see if you are eligible for a corporate matching gift. Many corporations offer such financial assistance for non-profit participation. The gifts are welcome additions to a fundraising total. Be aware, however, that such gifts can take 60 days or longer to process and be applied to your fundraising account. Notification of pending matching gifts and supporting documentation requests should be sent to World T.E.A.M. by email notice.

Your 2019 Personal Fundraising Commitment

  • Adaptive Athlete: $250
  • Caregiver: $100
  • Civilian: $900
  • Civilian Youth: $300
  • Military – Active Duty and Retired Veteran: $700
  • Ride Marshal: $300

Category minimums are listed. Participants are encouraged to raise beyond the minimum level to support Face of America.

Meeting Your Commitment

  • Personally meet your commitment. Each participant is individually responsible for meeting or exceeding their personal category fundraising commitment. Participants are not permitted to share raised funds with other event participants, even with members of their own team.
  • Team assistance can help with commitments. Team captains at their discretion may reassign funds received as general team donations to specific team members. This transfer process begins on April 1, and continues through April 25, 2019. To transfer team funds, the team captain should send an email message to World T.E.A.M. This email must note which team members are to receive the funds and which general team donation or donations should be reassigned.
  • Meet or exceed your category commitment before the charge deadline. Each registered participant must meet or exceed their category fundraising commitment by Friday, April 26. Accomplish this by using the group email tool provided in your User Center; by using Facebook and other social media to post personal appeals to friends, family and colleagues; and by using forms, art and materials available for free download from our Fundraising Toolbox. Within a few days of the Charge Date, autocharges to credit card accounts will be processed for the remaining amount necessary to reach the category commitment.
  • Refunds for autocharges. If you miss the fundraising deadline and your account is autocharged, you can request a reimbursement. This reimbursement can cover any additional funds you have raised and applied to your account following the Charge Date. The maximum reimbursement is the amount charged to your credit account. To take advantage of this reimbursement, send by email message your emailed credit charge acknowledgment receipt and a list of your qualifying donors and amounts received and added to your account after April 26. The deadline for receiving reimbursement email requests is June 4, 2019.
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