Early morning riding in New York state

Casual cyclists who are preparing for a long distance ride like Face of America Liberty are encouraged to undertake some training rides prior to the event. This can be as simple as riding your bike regularly in the weeks prior to Face of America Liberty, either on your own or with groups of other cyclists, increasing your miles and your physical fitness so you feel comfortable in riding ten to 15 miles between rest stops. Having some miles under your belt and being familiar with riding skills will help you enjoy your journey along the Hudson River to the United States Military Academy.

If you are seeking some guidance regarding training for long bicycle rides, take a moment to read and consider USA Cycling-certified coach Todd Parker‘s series of useful instructional articles.

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For those athletes who are serious about training and want to undertake a more vigorous routine, Coach Parker has written a comprehensive and detailed training guide for long bicycle rides. Published online by World T.E.A.M., this free 24-page guide includes detailed information about getting into top cycling shape and preparing for a single-day, 53-mile ride. Read Coach Parker’s guide online or download the PDF for easy reference.

Seeking more information to help you in your training? USA Cycling-certified coach Bob Hillery offers some helpful tips and suggestions about training and cycling preparation. In these short articles, Coach Hillery discusses ride position, warming up for rides, exercises, food and hydration and last minute preparation.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but taking some time off to relax makes sense in a training campaign. Dr. Erik A. Ward of the NOVA Pain & Rehab Center provides some details in training practices. He also discusses back pain, which can be a serious issue for many cyclists, particularly those participating in long rides. Proper fitting of a bike is the answer.

Training for Long Distance Cycling

♦  Ultra Cyclist Training – by Todd Parker, M.A., M.S.

♦  Proper Training for Cycling – by Coach Bob Hillery

♦  Resting When Exercising and Other Training Notes – by Dr. Erik Ward, NOVA Pain & Rehab Center

Cyclists offer a helping hand